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West Shore Media Consulting specializes in social media account management and online marketing. We also offer small business services and solutions including: book-keeping, AP/AR, billing, payroll and check printing, outside sales and remote assistance.

It is a lot of work running a small business, you don't have to do it alone.  Custom services and packages are built around your unique business needs to optimize your time and efficiency, boost your sales and visibility, create fresh, vibrant content true to your identity and help alleviate the strain of time consuming, day-to-day operational tasks.


With your focus constantly shifting, you are being pulled every other way and  your workload is mounting - you are just trying to keep up.  Stop just "keeping up". THRIVE.  Allow someone to take a bit of that load off of you so that you can breathe, focus and excel.  There are no shortage of platforms, services and technologies that allow you to have someone help you remotely; and to know going in this is someone you can trust with your business AND your reputation. It's time you took a well earned deep breath.



You take care of your business.

We take care of you.

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