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In the modern marketplace, it is critical to utilize all platforms to build your brand and increase visibility.  One of the most highly utilized advertising platforms is social media.  For example, according to a 2018 study, 79% of internet users are using Facebook, 68% of U.S. adults, which explains why Facebook is the most successful social media marketing platform.  Other top sites include LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc,.  It is important to identify who your audience and consumer is so as to make sure you optimize your time and reach your base by understanding who is using which platforms and how they are using them.

West Shore Media Consulting was created as a means of helping businesses to build their brand, boost sales and increase visibility as well as freeing up time to focus on your business, operations, and product.  It is our mission to understand your vision for your brand, to accentuate the best parts of your business, hone in on your specific market share and to create fresh, cohesive content across a number of relevant platforms.




Running your business is more than a full-time job, it's your baby, and that baby needs to be nourished.  Too many business owners end up spending a large chunk of their workday playing catch up behind the scenes and not where they should be: in front of their customers. That time would be so much better spent growing your business, and focusing on the areas you excel and enjoy doing.  It may be time to bring in some outside help, and West Shore Media Consulting may be the solution for you.

We specialize in helping small to medium-sized businesses in the Bay Area find ways to save time, money, and energy.  We can accomplish this by providing essential administrative services like remote assistance, data entry, book-keeping, payroll, billing, AP/AR, account reconciliation, check-printing, etc. Now you can keep your focus where it belongs: running your business.